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Jewellery, and Accessorising

There are lots of 1920s look around at the moment, and one of the key elements that has made its way into jewellery is the tassel. You will see tasselled earrings lining the shelves, as well as other items that feature tassels on the as well. This works alongside all the tassel clothing that is currently on the market, like dresses reminiscent of flapper dresses and speakeasy styles.

Feathers are also a popular option at the moment, especially in black. Many earrings feature large, oversized black feathers on them, allowing you to really make a statement with your look. This is not a daytime look – this is one that will dress up your outfit when you are dressed to impress.

Feathers and tassels make stunning additions to dresses and other style-led outfits, making a real statement and feature of your jewellery. Think about how you can incorporate feathered earrings or tasselled necklaces into your next outfit.

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