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We’ve seen a massive growth the men’s accessories market over the last few decades, with much of it to do with watches. So, this begs the question; What is the most expensive watch in the world?

Most of the really expensive watches are very exclusive, often with less than 10 ever having been produced. It stands to reason then, that the most expensive watch would be a unique watch, and this is definitely the case with the watch commissioned by Marie Antoinette’s lover, which is now valued at $30,000,000.

Work began on this watch all the way back in 1782, but it remained unfinished until the original watchmaker’s son completed it in 1827, 4 years after his father’s death.

The watch itself is not the more current wristwatch design, but the type typical of that period; a case watch. It was, of course, an extravagance at the time, and now it is clearly a classy watch by anybody’s standard. It contains all of the functions watchmakers knew at the time, which is still a lot when compared to today’s capabilities.

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