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Jewellery, and Accessorising

  • When gifting jewellery it can be a considerable challenge. Everyone has their own personal style, and knowing what to give is a hard decision to make. So, what can we do to help us understand what the best jewellery present is to give? The best thing you can do is pay attention. In the lead-up […]

  • An engagement ring is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewellery you will ever buy. It’s a big decision to make, and one that will take some thought on the part of both parties. If you are buying an engagement ring for someone, find out what they like first so that you can buy […]

  • Leather is a staple material for jewellery and especially for watch straps. It is long lasting and will withstand damage well, but it’s also an attractive material that will complement a watch, whether it’s from a high street shop or a premium jeweller. However, vegan leather is also an option – how can this compare […]

  • Jewellery doesn’t have to be stored in a particular way, and it will differ from piece to piece. However you do need to make sure it is stored safely and in a way that will protect the jewellery piece from damage. It’s important to look after it and keep it in the right kind of […]

  • The anklet is a piece of jewellery you might not have worn for a while – perhaps even since your childhood – but it is one that is coming back into fashion. For children growing up now, the anklet might seem like an exciting new invention that they haven’t come across before. However it’s one […]

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Many women (and men) have their ears pierced, and jewellery for ear piercings is some of the most popular pieces of jewellery that you can buy. Many jewellery items are made for these kinds of piercings, so if you are looking for a unique gift or you want to surprise someone, this is a great gift idea – just make double sure they do have their ears pierced first! Many […]

There are lots of 1920s look around at the moment, and one of the key elements that has made its way into jewellery is the tassel. You will see tasselled earrings lining the shelves, as well as other items that feature tassels on the as well. This works alongside all the tassel clothing that is currently on the market, like dresses reminiscent of flapper dresses and speakeasy styles. Feathers are […]

Hoop earrings were in fashion, then went out of fashion, then came back in again… and this time, they are back in a range of different colours and designs. Most notably, rose gold is a striking, popular colour for hoop earrings, making the style look classy and distinguished, regardless of the size of the hoop. Hoop earrings range in size from enormous to very small, so wear this fashion however […]

A jewellery box will help to protect your precious jewellery pieces and make sure they don’t get scratched, damaged or tarnished over time. If you have favourite or particularly sentimental pieces of jewellery, then you may want to have more than one box, so that you can keep these separate. Make sure you buy a box that has various compartments to keep different kinds of jewellery. It can be very […]

Costume jewellery is generally the name given to jewellery that is lower cost and doesn’t consist of precious metals or stones. It is the kind of jewellery that will be sold in fashion stores, as opposed to in jewellers. It might be made of plastic as opposed to silver or gold and will generally be for fashion purposes. If you choose to buy fashion costume jewellery, it is going to […]

Traditionally, a wedding band would be a plain gold ring that didn’t have any decoration on it. The engagement ring would be the more decorative of the jewellery pieces, adding some sparkle, whilst the wedding band would be classy and understated. Many people do still choose an understated plain wedding band and have a bolder engagement ring instead. However, an increasing number of people are choosing to have a decorative […]