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Jewellery, and Accessorising

Leather is a staple material for jewellery and especially for watch straps. It is long lasting and will withstand damage well, but it’s also an attractive material that will complement a watch, whether it’s from a high street shop or a premium jeweller. However, vegan leather is also an option – how can this compare and is it a realistic option for you?

Vegan leather is similar to real leather in appearance. Good vegan leather should be essentially indistinguishable from real leather when simply looking at it, making it a very good substitute. The materials used are ‘eco leather’, which use corn and other materials that are renewable and that don’t drive up someone’s carbon footprint. Vegan leather is now very advanced, and though it can’t be purchased as readily, it will usually be a very good alternative to real leather, looking just the same but helping reduce environmental impact as well.

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