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Jewellery, and Accessorising

Many women (and men) have their ears pierced, and jewellery for ear piercings is some of the most popular pieces of jewellery that you can buy. Many jewellery items are made for these kinds of piercings, so if you are looking for a unique gift or you want to surprise someone, this is a great gift idea – just make double sure they do have their ears pierced first!

Many people also have multiple ear piercings, and this is a trend that is coming back into fashion in 2019. Women especially will often have a piercing in the top of the ear as well, in the cartilage area. This type of piercing will require a specific kind of jewellery, so if you are buying earrings for this kind of piercing, make sure it is a stud of a small ring. People will often have multiple piercings in their ear lobes as well, meaning there are many opportunities to buy earrings.

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