Ragged Rose

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Hoop earrings were in fashion, then went out of fashion, then came back in again… and this time, they are back in a range of different colours and designs. Most notably, rose gold is a striking, popular colour for hoop earrings, making the style look classy and distinguished, regardless of the size of the hoop.

Hoop earrings range in size from enormous to very small, so wear this fashion however you want. Choose silver hoops, gold hoops or any other colour available, as well as the ever popular rose gold. Match your hoop earrings with other accessories for a well styled look.

Hoop earrings sometimes haven’t had the best reputation over the years but now, they are very much a fashion staple. People of all ages are wearing them, and if you are worried about them not suiting you, just stick to the smaller and more subtle hoops – at first, anyway.

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