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Jewellery, and Accessorising

Jewellery doesn’t have to be stored in a particular way, and it will differ from piece to piece. However you do need to make sure it is stored safely and in a way that will protect the jewellery piece from damage. It’s important to look after it and keep it in the right kind of environment, otherwise you could end up with precious jewellery that you can no longer wear.

For important and meaningful jewellery, like an engagement ring or a diamond necklace, keep them in the boxes they came in where possible. This will protect them from damage and, in the case of things like necklaces, will stop them getting tangled up. Necklace trees can be very useful, but equally, they can cause more problems than they solve when jewellery becomes tangled up. The bottom line is that you need to store jewellery in a way that is convenient, but will also protect it.

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