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Bonded Hair Extensions are a great option for getting more volume and length for your hair. If your hair is not as thick or as long as you wish, try hair extensions. There are many ways to get hair extended. There are clip-on, weaving, glued tracks of hair, glue bonding and fusion bonding. Fusion bonded hair is the best option for natural looking and feeling hair. It also offers the […]

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The brooch has made big comeback this year. It’s undergone a major reinvention and is no longer limited to being viewed as a classic, somewhat old-fashioned jewellery piece. Throughout 2015, the brooch has been given a new lease of life and has been appearing on the catwalks in various different guises. Since their return, brooches are available in a number of different shops and can be bought anywhere, from high […]

Many people will have different watches for different outfits and different occasions, and that’s perfectly normal. You wouldn’t want to wear your most expensive watch while you’re at work, and you wouldn’t necessarily wear your budget sports watch at a formal event or ceremony. If you’re dressing smart, a dress watch can be ideal, perhaps containing element s of silver and gold. For a day at the office, you may […]