Ragged Rose

Jewellery, and Accessorising

When you buy a necklace, more often than not it will come with a chain. However, it is also possible to buy just the pendant so that you can put it on a chain of your choice. You may also simply decide to change the chain after the old one has got damaged or you decide that you want a change.

There are lots of different chain styles you can choose from, so it depends on what will go with the pendant. Choose a chain of the same colour, like silver, rose gold or white gold. Even if there is just a slight difference it can be very noticeable, especially in direct sunlight.

Decide on the chain length that you want. Long chains are very fashionable so if you want to give an older piece of jewellery new life, try putting it on a longer chain. Take the pendant with you to make sure it fits.

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