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Jewellery, and Accessorising

A jewellery box will help to protect your precious jewellery pieces and make sure they don’t get scratched, damaged or tarnished over time. If you have favourite or particularly sentimental pieces of jewellery, then you may want to have more than one box, so that you can keep these separate.

Make sure you buy a box that has various compartments to keep different kinds of jewellery. It can be very difficult to store necklaces without them getting tangled up, so think of how you can store them in the best possible way. It may actually be easier to hand necklaces, in which case you can choose a necklace tree as well.

A jewellery box is a personal, decorative item as well as a place to store your jewellery. Choose a personalised one – there are options that have photographs on them, helping you to feel like your jewellery box is part of your overall room and decoration.

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