Ragged Rose

Jewellery, and Accessorising

The brooch has made big comeback this year. It’s undergone a major reinvention and is no longer limited to being viewed as a classic, somewhat old-fashioned jewellery piece. Throughout 2015, the brooch has been given a new lease of life and has been appearing on the catwalks in various different guises.

Since their return, brooches are available in a number of different shops and can be bought anywhere, from high street retailers to exclusive jewellery boutiques. You might be surprised by the number of different designs which are available – whether you like more delicate styles or chunky, sparkly statement pieces, there will be a brooch out there to cater for your fashion tastes.

Some of the biggest names in fashion have been showcasing the brooch as part of their 2015 collection. It’s a bold decision, especially from forward-thinking high-fashion experts like Gucci. The trend has been dubbed ‘granny chic’ by some fashion writers, as the comeback of the brooch has been supported by the reappearance of a number of other vintage items. This is especially true of jewellery, with oversized statement pieces being worn by models and the public alike to complement their retro outfits.

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