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Bonded Hair Extensions are a great option for getting more volume and length for your hair. If your hair is not as thick or as long as you wish, try hair extensions. There are many ways to get hair extended. There are clip-on, weaving, glued tracks of hair, glue bonding and fusion bonding. Fusion bonded hair is the best option for natural looking and feeling hair. It also offers the least chance for damage upon removal.

Extensions should always be put in by a professional and removed by a professional. This way you get the best possible results and keep your hair strong and healthy. Use quality human hair, and you no longer have to perm or colour your hair.

To care for your hair extensions, you will need to treat it gently. Be sure to brush it gently and when you wash it be sure to dry it quickly. It should also be covered every night so that it does not tangle while you sleep. To be sure of the right hair care routine for your particular hair ask plenty of questions before leaving the salon.

For top quality 100% human hair there is Great Lengths hair extensions. The hair always has a beautiful, soft, healthy and natural texture. The hair is all Indian army, only the best. It is hair that has never been processed, so it can be made into whatever you please.

The hair is bundled so that the cuticle are aligned in side by side all in the same directions. Bundling it this way keeps it from tangling. Each strand is the same in diameter, colour, and texture. The strands are bonded with a chemical compound similar to your hair’s molecular keratin structure. The compound is activated with the advance high fusion frequency machine upon attachment of hair extension to the hair.

Great Lengths uses the fusion application method. Strand by strand is bonded to your hair. The keratin bonds it to your hair. Since the keratin is so close to what hair naturally produces, this allows for a seamless bond. The only one who will know you have extensions is you. The bond is strong and reliable which is especially important for those who are active.

Now you can colour your hair in any colour you like without the possibility of damaging your hair with the chemicals. The extensions can be dyed any colour you like. If you want a few fire engine red strands blended in it can be done. Try out a new colour over and over. No more waiting for the colour to grow out or dying it again to cover the one you couldn’t stand.

Great Lengths hair extensions are available in normal, fine, and extra fine enabling them to match all hair types. This is also available in straight and wavy textures to match your hair texture. The quality of hair they start with make it so they can absolutely customise for all their clients. They will help you choose just the right colour, texture, volume or length for what you want. These fusion bonded hair extensions will enhance your beauty and reflect your style choice.

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