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When people use the term “stone” in the world of jewellery, that includes everything from diamonds to onyx. Technically speaking, a stone is any mineral material which has been naturally formed through a geological process.

Aquamarine is a gemstone formed from the mineral Beryl. It is typically known for its blue colour, but it actually has a few different varieties, including one which is in fact yellow. You will usually find that one country is known for producing one variety, such as the yellow beryl found in Brazil, or the deep blue found in Madagascar.

You find different colours due to how the iron is ionised, but there are other interesting facts about the different varieties. For instance, the deep blue aquamarine, also known as Maxixe, will fade to a clear colour when exposed to sunlight, but will revert to its original colour when irradiated.

Aquamarine is used in lots of jewellery, and as it isn’t as expensive as a stone like diamond, you can get pieces which include large stones for relatively small cost, giving you a far wider range of choice than you have with a more precious and more rare stone.

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